Whys sugar is not sugar

What you have to know about sugar?

We all know that our body and brain needs sugar and we learned that sugar is feeding cancer cells.

What you can do? Not eat any more sugar? Then the body will take it from the protein. If you do not eat any protein, the body will take it from the fat. This means you will starve, right? So you need to eat sugar, but you need the right sugar.

Many people don’t know that cancer cells can only assimilate R-spin molecules or we can say R-spin sugar. The sugar that rotate right.

Why are all the L- Amino Acid good for the body? Like L-Proline, L-Lysine, L-Ornithine. L stand for Levorotatory. That means left spin. Human mammalian cells can only absorb left spin molecules. Cancer cells can only absorb right spin molecules.

All processed sugar, white sugar, enriched sugar, synthetic sugar are right spinning molecules.

The good news is that organic, pesticide free natural fruits, honey, maple syrup are left spinning molecules and not feeding cancer cells.

In my new Lifestyle course you can learn more about nutrition and exercise so you can follow my mantra:

“Taking care of your health is much more fun then taking care of your sickness”


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