Nadezhda Krumova

Nadezhda Krumova

Walter is a great theacher, I choose him, he is gentul and patient, and explain clearly everything.
Thank you Walter
Let the Chi be with you🙏
Instructor Universal Healing Tao OFT Therapy
Andrew Jan

Andrew Jan

Walter is a most experienced, diligent and knowledgable instructor.

Doctor at St John of God Hospital

Rakesh Menon

Rakesh Menon

The way Walter teaches is awesome, very understandable and very patiently he goes through all the excercises making it easy to follow..I would like to say anybody who wants to learn Qigong, then Walter is the best teacher…

Claudia Rivera

Claudia Rivera

Me encanta su rutina diaria. Necesitaba poder crear un hábito y lo he conseguido. Es muy claro en sus explicaciones. Aunque todos los días hace la misma rutina, siempre incluye algo nuevo. Es increíble su generosidad y eso habla de la clase de ser humano que es. Me gusta mucho su Alegría y energía. Espero mucho aprender de él más profundamente en el futuro.

Claudine Hallier

Claudine Hallier

Un super enseignant professionnel et généreux.

Arabel Karajan

Walter Kellenberger‘s Morning QiKung is the best reason to get up and start the day by thoroughly working through the whole body- emphazising on Organs , Lumber and Tendons.
I started to incorporate these -sometimes minimal- movements into my daily posture.
It’s beyond exercises- it’s a way of life!!
And I love his sense of humor!!
Thank you Walter🌈
Uwe Loebig

Uwe Loebig

Teaching wonderful Tao courses

M Ramakrishnan Krishnan

M Ramakrishnan Krishnan

Starting my day practising with Mr Walter , is a great feeling. The online classes are really helpful to me, in these times. The class on 25th July was a bonanza covering Qigong, Yoga and trampoline !!. really enjoyed the session.

Kevin Anthony Rowland

Kevin Anthony Rowland

The Men’s Health retreat I did with Walter was absolutely fantastic. ive learned so much that it is changing my life. Walter is an inspiration and teaches in a patient way that is easy to understand.

Evie Lanitis

Evie Lanitis

Wonderful and energizing. A joyful way to start the day 🌺

Volodymyr Petsiukh

Volodymyr Petsiukh

I am grateful to Walter for his classes and support in a creative and interesting way of learning about the Tao tradition. Walter’s classes are lively and provide an opportunity to refresh the practical application of the theoretical knowledge. It is also always possible to solve current pressing questions during the class.

Axel Langheim

Axel Langheim

I attended the one week mens health course and two weeks of the morning exercise with Walter and consider him as a world class teacher who lives his teachings since decades. The class was fun with a small group of great friends and next to the Tao info Walter also shared his private views, he is a really smart and compassionate man! I bought the download of his morning exercise and after doing it just one hour every morning while travelling the world I feel so great. Also I do the men´s stuff with the testicles, haha. (If you want to go further with you sexual evolution google: Karezza method) Thank you Walter!

Ibrahim Chaudhry

Ibrahim Chaudhry

Walter is veritable Tai Chi… & Qi Qong… Grand Master.
Learn from him!
You will learn & advance more than considerably.

Great teacher

Great 👍🏼 teachings great teacher
Practical and immediately applicable teaching

Practical and immediately applicable teaching

I feel fortunate that my first exposure to the powerful medicine of Taoist practices was under the tutelage of Master Walter K., a Senior Instructor in the Universal Healing Tao. Master K. is able to take an ancient esoteric practice and present it in a practical, simple, straight-forward and understandable way.

Through his teachings I learned that the Universal Healing Tao methodology can simply be used for better health and well-being, as well as, be tailored to specific ailments. A lesser Master might have been limited by the vastness and scope of the subject, or limited in the vocabulary to articulate its nuances, but Master K. was able to speak to me in a language that was practical and immediately applicable to my needs.

I urge anyone interested in healing practices to make time to attend Master K.’s workshop. In the long run you will look back and realize how your life has been enriched by the practices he shared with you.

Jeffery Drake, Colorado, USA.
-August 2019

Our best tai chi master Walter, and our best inner smile masterin Jutta

Thank you very much for the great week and feelings and emotions.We did enjoy it very much and looking forward next year basic tai chi in january at tao garden.Tell Jutta thank you very much as well from us may the chi with both of you

Désirée and Franz

Dear Walter and Jutta

I would like to thank you both for these 2 weeks of teaching! I learned so much with insight and a deep unterstanding. Jutta, you are a born Instructor, so well structured and inspirational! ……..and Walter, I love your humour and witty approach to life!

All the best lof luck, joy and happiness!! …….until we meet again!!

With Love and Light

Ann, June 2012

Dear walter

Having done the mens health course, which ireally enjoyed. It didnt take long to get into the swing o things at all. I am eager to see how it affects my life. Already I feel that it has helped my sleep. It has also helped my meditation.

I really found doing the course easy and fun. Your teaching style is very interesting. Juttas classes were good too.
Thanks for the support, it has been difficult finding people who sympathise with my issue. And thanks for making it easier for me to stay during the course.

I hope you get some good rest before your next course.

May the chi be with you,

David, November, 2016

Dear Walter

I would like to thank you for these two wonderful weeks.
The weather is very different here, it’s cold and windy…
But I spend the most of the time in my office, so it’s OK. And my colleagues told me that I look like  ten years younger !!!

I will check your schedule in november and let you know.

See you soon and May the Chi Be with You

Harry, May 2017

Good Day Walter!

Thanks for a great week (28th May-03rd Jun, 2017) of learning sessions of Tai Chi Chi Kung II.
Appreciate your proficiency, knowledge and the subject matter. You make it so pleasant to learn the forms, and structure; and the ingredients of Tan Tien, Iron Shirt & Tao Yin Chi Kung.
You have a brilliant way of observing, improving, and explaining the steps and flow of the process; easily brings your learners to level of confidence & skills development. Thanks again & Best Wishes!

Darien, June, 2017

Tao Garden

Tao Garden, was one of the best experiences of my life. But you two Jutta and Walter were the best of the whole. amazing teachers!! I wish I could be there one day soon to do the whole summer or winter.

😀 grateful nora

Dear Walter

Hi, many thanks for the picture. I am grateful for the time you took for training us. The course was very useful for me and I hope to participate in your next courses in near future. I practice your instructions seriously every day and now I have lots of energy as well as calmness and happiness.
Thanks again and hope to see you soon.


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