Look at the same picture and see Differently

We look at the same thing and see something different! This makes life interesting and fun but some times also confusing and create problems. Lets talk about the fun part. We have already too many problems.

Please look at my picture in this newsletter.

Some people can not explain what it is.

Some see this as an cactus, root or plant and some as even as a phallus symbol.

I lived many years in Thailand and have learned that this is a young growing Bamboo, so I see with my Swiss trained eyes that this will soon be a tall, big and strong bamboo swinging in the wind.

A Thai would see this picture as a very delicious vegetable or a tasty soup.

As Master Chia is saying : The same but not the same


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Thinking is the same as looking……you think he/she think the same as you, but in reality she/he think completely different.

If You would like to learn more about this. Come and attend my new lifestyle course in coming November.

Think but not Think. see but not see.

May the Chi be with you


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