Things to do at WAJU. Sightseeing guide around Doi Saket

All trips start from WAJU Residence

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1. Tour to the Mae Kuang Dam 

Mae Kuang Udom Thara Dam is the part of Royal Project. It can transfer agricultural water in Doi Saket District, San Kamphaeng District, and some parts of Lamphun. Mae Kuang Dam is a dam with a picturesque view.

  • Type: Bicycle or walking trip
  • Distance: One way 3.4 km
  • Level: Medium

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2. Tour to the Mae Kuang Dam suspension bridge

Beautiful view, suitable for relaxing. Come in the late morning or evening. The suspension bridge overlooks the reservoir, beautiful and peaceful.

  • Type: Bicycle or motorbike trip
  • Distance: One way 6.6 km
  • Level: Medium

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3. Tour to the Uncle Charoen Pier’s Restaurant near Mae Kuang Dam 

The best spot to eat fresh fish dishes. The food is authentic local food (including the fish from local area) was very delicious. You can sit almost at the shoreline of the Mae Kuang water reservoir with a nice view overlooking the Mae Kuang. You can have a relaxing meal with a great view.

  • Type: Bicycle or motorbike trip
  • Distance: One way 5 km
  • Level: Medium

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4. Tour to the Peacok Temple (Wat Phrabat Tin Nok)

Wat Phrabat Tin Nok situated on a hill with a lovely view of the nearby countryside and distant mountains, the monastery has a massive Buddha statue that sits atop a quiet meditation/ceremony hall overlooking the greater Doi Saket area. 

  • Type: Bicycle or walking trip
  • Distance: One way 3 km
  • Level: Medium

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5. Tour to the Vivo Bene Village & Restaurant

A few steps from the small reception desk bring you to the air conditioned ‘Rossli’ restaurant. This extends out to an open air terrace overlooking the pool and gardens. The menu features Asian and Western dishes with daily specials chalked on a blackboard.  Worth a comment is also the restaurant and bakery and that’s delicious authentic european/swiss/german food.

  • Type: Bicycle or walking trip
  • Distance: One way 2.5 km
  • Level: Easy

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6. Tour to the LemonTree Garden & Restaurant

Another beautiful Thai restaurant to enjoy. Quite new, and spotless in all areas. Dining inside and out. The staff are friendly and efficient. The Lemon Tree Garden & Restaurant has been decorated to a very high standard and is a pleasure to look at. The food looked so good and is not expensive at all. 

  • Type: Bicycle or motorbike trip
  • Distance: One way 4.5 km
  • Level: Easy

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7. Tour to the Doi Saket Market & Wat Phra That Temple

Everyday evening in downtown Doi Saket there is a nice street market where you can find lots of clothes, local products and produce on offer, as well as ready-to-eat meals and snacks to take home. There are many shops, banks, and services downtown, like Jampha Supermarket, 7-Eleven, and Tesco-Lotus where you can purchase not just convenience items, but many household staples and pantry items.The nearest big box store is the HomePro shopping center on the outer Chiang Mai ring road (Route 121) in San Sai about 13 km or 15 minutes from downtown Doi Saket. HomePro is an excellent store like Home Base or Home Depot combined with a Walmart or Target. In the HomePro shopping center you will also find a small Rimping supermarket which is (at the moment) the “Western-focused” grocery store closest to Doi Saket.

The Wat Phra That temple is said to have been built in 1112, as legends say that the Lord Buddha arrived in Doi Saket for a short visit. He was visited by the Naka, and he offered his hair for worship purposes. Afterwards, the Lord Buddha disappeared, which resulted in the building of the temple.

The interior walls have been painted with magnificent Buddhist murals by an artist known as Khun Chaiwat Wannanon back in the early ’90s, which makes the temple unique because it is rare for any temple in Thailand to have any modern art.

Many find the style of the temple to be similar to that of Doi Suthep, except that this one is smaller. The entrance here features a steep staircase which leads visitors to the temple. However, the most prominent aspect of the temple is the majestic golden Buddha statue which is visible as far as the road outside that leads to the temple. A monastic school is also found within the temple grounds.

Unlike other temples in the area, this one is special because it’s less touristy, so you won’t have to share the space with hundreds of other travellers. A small museum is also found here, depicting the colourful past of the district.

  • Type: Bicycle or motorbike trip
  • Distance: One way 5.7 km
  • Level: Easy

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8. Tour to the Tweechol Botanical Garden

     Tweechol Botanical Garden is a center of various types of plants This place is divided into 4 tents together. Before walking to see the tree in each tent, you will see two Nagas made of wood that has been trimmed into a dragon It glides back and forth to a length of 320 meters. Which measures 5 meters from the ground

     After that, we walked into each tent. The first tent consisted of wild orchids and pineapples of various colors within the second tent. It is a model waterfall surrounded by ferns, palm trees and various leaves under the waterfall. With a group of koi fish that swim around Very beautiful The third tent is filled with various types of plants, such as Philodendron, fern, pitcher plant, nariogolny, anthurium shoes, between exiting the third to the fourth tent, there will be orchids, wicker cattleya, and enter the tent. The fourth is filled with more than 200 types of cacti and succulents.

      For those who don’t have much time The staff will guide you to the center point. Which is a collection of all kinds of wood species that are shortened in this area From time to time, there will be a family that takes their children to take the opportunity to take the picnic area to rest Joyfully.

  • Type: Bicycle or motorbike trip
  • Distance: One way 11 km
  • Level: Medium

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9. Motorbike trip to sticky waterfall (Bua Thong Waterfalls)

One of the most unique places in Thailand is called Bua Tong or the Sticky Waterfalls. These waterfalls are not only impressive and gorgeous, but a special feature allows you to climb directly up the rocks into the oncoming cascading water. 

Waterfalls are notoriously slippery. One usually goes down a waterfall thanks to gushing waters and slick surfaces. So how is it possible to climb up the Sticky Waterfalls?

The Sticky Waterfalls get their name from a mineral deposit that is incredibly grippy. In fact, the rocks feel like a hardened sponge. They are callous and even slightly prickly to the touch but surprisingly give a bit under pressure. Since no algae or slime adheres to the rocks, they are the perfect canvas to climb up the waterfall. These multi-tiered waterfalls are easy on the eyes and a great way to cool off in Thailand’s heat.

There are 2 route options, you can go highway which is a bit longer (58.6 km) but it is easy to drive, or you can take picturesque steep road through mountains. It can be a challenge especially if you would drive a motorbike.  

  • Type: Motorbike or car trip
  • Distance: One way 26.5 km or 58.6 km
  • Level: Advanced

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 Discover Luang Nuae village. Area around WAJU Residence

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