Video courses (DVD)


Morning Qi Gong

Price: 1200 baht

Duration: 1.5 hours
Available languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic

Description: Morning Taoist routine that is taught every morning at Tao Garden by Walter Kellenberger. This course contains 3 parts:

  • Step by step explanation of each exercise
  • Full morning routine exercises
  • Videos with separate exercises (if you dont have enough time to do full routine)


Price: 1200 baht

Duration: 1.5 hours

Description: Full guide into Iron Shirt Chikung I how its taught by Grandmaster Mantak Chia. In this course you will learn all 6 Iron Shirt postures. You will learn how to stand in the Embracing The Tree posture from 5 min upto 1 hour.  This course contains 2 parts:

  • Each posture explanation videos
  • Each posture guided exercise

TAO YIN Exercises

Price: 900 baht

Duration: 38min

Description: Full guide into Tao Yin – Taoist yoga. In this video Walter Kellenberger will show most common and effective Tao Yin exercises.

Six Healing Sounds

Price: 900 baht

Duration: 45min

Description: This DVD contains 2 videos. In the first part Walter Kellenberger will explain every sound and connected organ: how properly  to do the sound and what emotions are connected. In the second video we will do full practice together same how we do every evening at Tao Garden resort.

Healing Love – Sexual Practices for Men

Price: 900 baht

Duration: 47min

Description: In this DVD you will learn basic Taoist sexual practices. Walter will explain and show you how to do:

  • turning the wheel exercise
  • testicle breathing
  • powerlock

Tan Tien Chi Kung

Price: 900 baht

Duration: 36min

Description: Learn all animal forms of Tan Tien Chikung. The course contains 2 video: one with explanation step by step and second with practicing all the forms.


3 fires and 6 directions

Price: 900 baht

Duration: 20min

Description: Create the Holy Fire by connecting 3 fires into one. Full guided practice.


Price: 900 baht

Duration: 28min

Description: In this course you will be guided into Tai Chi Chikung. It contains 2 parts: Introduction and Guided practice with breathing.


Price: 500 baht

Duration: 15min

Description: In this DVD Walter shows Tai Chi II Yang style, Tai Chi III Wu style short form and Tai Chi III long form. No guidance.

Buddha Palm Exercise

Price: 900 baht

Duration: 12min

Description: In this video you will be guided into Buddha Palm chi kung. Also called finger kung-fu this powerful practice is using to charge your body and develop chi in your hands.

Trampoline Chi Kung

Price: 500 baht

Duration: 21min

Description: In this video Walter will show you extremely helpful practice to develop relaxation and grounding in your body.

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