Practical and immediately applicable teaching

I feel fortunate that my first exposure to the powerful medicine of Taoist practices was under the tutelage of Master Walter K., a Senior Instructor in the Universal Healing Tao. Master K. is able to take an ancient esoteric practice and present it in a practical, simple, straight-forward and understandable way.

Through his teachings I learned that the Universal Healing Tao methodology can simply be used for better health and well-being, as well as, be tailored to specific ailments. A lesser Master might have been limited by the vastness and scope of the subject, or limited in the vocabulary to articulate its nuances, but Master K. was able to speak to me in a language that was practical and immediately applicable to my needs.

I urge anyone interested in healing practices to make time to attend Master K.’s workshop. In the long run you will look back and realize how your life has been enriched by the practices he shared with you.

Jeffery Drake, Colorado, USA.
-August 2019

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