Module 5 (Venus): For all Qigong LOVER’s

Tai Chi Qigong:

  • Level 1: Tai Chi I 16th-17th October
  • Level 2: Tai Chi II 23th-24th October
  • Level 3: Tai Chi III 30th-31st October

This course is good for Beginners, advanced Practitioner and for Instructor Aspirants.

Place :  Online (Zoom)
Phone: +66 81 881 3868

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What Will You Learn?

Essence of Ancient Taoist practices
Advanced Techniques to Discharge Chi Energy
Improve your body structure and flexibility
Strengthen your bones and tendons
Develop your energy

In this course we will learn the Tai Chi Qigong  form. Tai Chi eases stiffness, relieves back pain and reduces abdominal fat. Tai Chi is a slow-moving form that improves blood and lymph circulation, balance. This creates immense health benefits.
Tai Chi II and Tai Chi III are very short forms which participants can learn in a few days.

Tai Chi II also called Tai Chi Fa Jin is focus on charging and discharging Chi Energy in the Tan Tien.
Tai Chi III short Wu Style is focus on tendon stretch and Tan Tien circle movements.

An unhealthy or otherwise uncomfortable person may find it difficult to meditate to a state of calmness or to use tai chi as a martial art.
Tai chi’s health training, therefore, concentrates on relieving the physical effects of stress on the body and mind.
The focus and calmness cultivated by the meditative aspect of tai chi is seen as necessary in maintaining optimum health (in the sense of relieving stress and maintaining homeostasis) and in application of the form as a soft style martial art.

UHT Practices that you will learn

Level 1 (16th-17th October)

  • Tai Chi Chi Kung I
  • Iron Shirt Qigong
  • Tao Yin Qigong

Level 2 (23th-24th October)

  • Tai Chi Chi Kung II Yang style (Tai Chi Fa Jin)
  • Tan Tien Chi Kung
  • Tao Yin
  • Buddha Palm Qigong (part1)

Level 3 (30th-31st October)

  • Tai Chi Chikung III Wu style
  • Iron Shirt II Tendon Nei Kung
  • Buddha Palm Qigong (Part2)
  • Golden Elixir Qigong

The course starts at 2pm Thailand time:

08:00 to 09:00 Free Morning Qigong (recording available)
14:00 to 17:00 Workshop
17:00 to 18:00 Break Time
18:00 to 20:00 Workshop


After the workshop is complete you will get the course recording. You can rewatch it anytime!

Who is your teacher?

Walter Kellenberger was born in Switzerland on 31 December. More than 30 years ago, he and his wife, Jutta, learned the Universal Healing Tao and the Healing Love practices. They received many years of personal instruction from Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia in Europe, USA and Thailand. Over time their daily lives have become more and more aligned with the energy of the Taoist practices. After receiving his certification as a senior instructor Walter decided to offer courses worldwide. For the last 20 years, Walter has taught side by side with Grandmaster Chia at Tao Garden Health Resort & Spa, in Thailand.

Walter’s quite manner and his Swiss charm allow him to talk about even the most delicate of subjects with a smile and a wink. His many years of experience with teaching and answering questions allow him to express essence of the Universal Healing Tao system in a concise and practical manner.

Daily Program

“Bangkok, Thailand Time”
12:00 to 12:30 Qi Gong
13:00 to 14:00 Break Time
14:00 to 17:00 Workshop
17:00 to 18:00 Break Time
18:00 to 20:00 Workshop


Weekend Workshop cost 120 EUR / If you book for 2 courses up cost 100 EUR each.

Special offer:
Book with a friend and you both save 5%. Book with 2 friends and save 10%!
Special offers for groups.

The price doesnt include: Accomodation, food.

How to book

No prepayment needed.
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